Cheddar’s Museum of Prehistory enters 21st century

The Museum of Prehistory at Cheddar Gorge & Caves has been transformed, as part of a £400,000 scheme to improve the visitor experience at the Somerset attraction.

The museum upgrade follows the launch in spring of a new attraction in Cox’s Cave, called Dreamhunters – The Adventures Of Early Man.

The new interpretation at The Museum of Prehistory now gives visitors an opportunity to see the development of fire-lighting and tool-making skills, and presents examples of weapons and equipment that would have been used millions of years ago.

There are recreations of cave art and visitors can try their hand at creating their own cave art.

The museum also tells visitors about prehistoric animals, “our predators, our prey, and our companions”, as well as significant local finds, including a reproduction of the oldest, almost complete, skeleton of “Cheddar Man”.

The overall aim is for visitors to gain a better impression of just how significant Cheddar Gorge & Caves is in relation to this period in our past.

Access to Dreamhunters – The Adventures Of Early Man and The Museum of Prehistory is included in the general admission price of a visit to Cheddar Gorge and Caves – which includes Cox’s Cave, Gough’s Cave, The Museum of Prehistory, the Lookout Tower, Cliff-top Gorge Walk and Gorge Open-Top Bus.