Spotlight on ‘Wicked Women’ at York Dungeon

New shows about ‘wicked women’ and Vikings can be seen at The York Dungeon, which has seen investment of £1 million after last December’s flood damage.

The Wicked Women of York show will be on during half-term in the run-up to Halloween (October 17-31).

Visitors can see what it would have been like in York’s Market Square, in 1649, with criminals lined up for the Spring Assizes.

Among them is Isabella Billington, who crucified her mother and sacrificed a calf and cockerel – and was convicted and hung as a witch.

Visitors will also be immersed in a Viking battle in the new interactive show, Vengeance of the Vikings, finding out about torturous techniques used on Saxons, including public blood-eagling and a viper pit.

Owned by Merlin Entertainments, The York Dungeon recreates more than 2,000 years of York’s history, with actors, special effects, stages and scenes.

Characters from York’s murky past include Guy Fawkes, Dick Turpin, a plague doctor and witches.