Big bugs set to swarm at Longleat

Longleat will host a swarm of colossal bugs this year, from familiar garden critters to more exotic creepy-crawlies.

The Marvellous Monsters trail (March 31-October 29) will feature large, anatomically correct animatronic creatures around the Wiltshire estate.

Visitors can get up close to big bugs from British back gardens, such as bees, ladybirds and butterflies, as well as more unusual creatures such as the orchid mantis, the puss moth caterpillar and the spine-tingling whip scorpion.

As well as the new trail, Longleat will be unveiling exhibitions with a strong focus on conservation.

There will also be workshops about the importance of bug populations and insect environments.

Alongside exploring the grounds, visitors can see Longleat House and the safari park. The new season starts on February 11.

Other upcoming events include the Sky Safari hot air balloon show (September 15-17); firework displays (October 26-28); and the annual Festival of Light, from November 10.

Groups of 12 or more can take advantage of Longleat’s 2016 prices for all 2017 bookings.