Arundel’s perennial tulip festival returns in April

More than 36,000 tulips will be in bloom at Arundel Castle’s annual tulip festival, from mid-April to mid-May.

The floral event at the West Sussex castle is one of the biggest such festivals in the UK.

As visitors approach the castle, they will be met with classic red tulips which complement the backdrop of the medieval building.

Purple, pink and white are also prominent colours in this year’s display, which will have 70 different types of tulips.

Different varieties of tulips are introduced every year to ensure visitors are always faced with fresh floral combinations.

New for 2017 is the White Dream tulip which sits among striking black flowers known as Queen of Nights within the herbaceous borders. Unusual tulip varieties include Yoko Parrot and Candy Club.

Head gardener Martin Duncan, who has worked in horticulture and landscape design roles around the world, has been at Arundel Castle for seven years.

He said: “This is always a hugely popular event that draws in international crowds.”

Visitors during May and June can see the gardens’ alliums in bloom as part of the Allium Extravaganza.

Other events at the castle include the International Jousting and Medieval Tournament (July 25-30 July) and the new Warriors of Arundel Castle (April 8).

The castle gardens will reopen on April 1.

Picture: Brighton Pictures.