History Man returns to Arundel Castle

A Tudor explorer and Viking trader have been added to the repertoire of characters played by historical interpreter Paul Ullson at Arundel Castle this summer.

In his show called It’s The History Man!, visitors can see Ullson in a range of guises – such as Executioner, Medical Surgeon and Norman Lord – and find out what life was like in Sussex in years gone by.

As well as two new characters, the show has added more performances between April and October, bringing the total to 40 for 2017.

The show is also helpful for school children learning history in Key Stages One, Two or Three.

Bryan McDonald, castle manager, said: “We are delighted to welcome back It’s The History Man! with new characters and more dates than ever before to help celebrate the 950th anniversary of the castle’s initial construction.”

Arundel Castle offers guided and free-flow tours of the castle, as well as a range of historical events throughout the year, such as Shakespearean plays and jousting and medieval tournaments.

Visitors in April can see more than 36,000 tulips on display for the Annual Tulip Festival, and the Normans and Crusaders event over the Easter holidays (April 15-17).

Picture of Ullson by Victoria Dawe.