Culture secretary: ‘astonishing contribution’ of inbound tourism

The government has responded positively to a letter from UKinbound that outlined key priorities for the UK travel and tourism industry ahead of the Brexit negotiations.

Karen Bradley (pictured), secretary of state for culture, media and sport, said that she recognised the “astonishing contribution that inbound tourism makes to the UK economy”.

She also said that “tourism perspectives on border issues, immigration, and movement of people are essential when developing approaches and policies that work for us all”.

Deirdre Wells, UKinbound chief executive, commented: “I’m pleased to have received such a positive letter from the Department of Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) and acknowledgement that our interests and views will be represented by the government during the Brexit negotiations.

“During this time of transition, it’s critically important that we work closely with the government to ensure policies are put in place that will enable the UK’s inbound tourism industry to continue to prosper.”

The key priorities outlined in UKinbound’s letter were:
• An immigration system flexible to business needs
• Continued access to the Open Skies Agreement
• A strong narrative promoting the UK as a welcoming destination
• Visa-free travel between the UK and the EU