Stonehenge coach park caters better for groups

English Heritage has opened a newly-designed permanent coach park at Stonehenge as part of a project to improve group visits at the World Heritage Site.

The redesigned coach park provides spaces for 52 60-seater coaches in an upgraded layout which makes coach arrivals and departures more efficient and enhances pedestrian safety.

A new visitor transit shuttle pick-up point allows groups to go directly from the coach park to the stone circle, where an enlarged drop-off/pick-up layout has been created.

The new system makes the shuttle service more flexible so that it can provide more visitor journeys at times of peak pressure if required.

The second phase of the improvement project is scheduled for completion by late summer.

It will see the opening of a new group reception building, complete with extensive toilet facilities, close to the coach parking bays and next to the shuttle pick-up point.

Jennifer Davies, Stonehenge’s general manager, said: “The improvement project was implemented following an extensive review of our operation at Stonehenge and feedback from tourism professionals to find the best way to meet demand and ease congestion at this significant and busy attraction.

“Once complete, the improvements will help us deliver a world-class experience for the 1.3 million visitors we welcome each year from across the globe, so that they can more fully appreciate this ancient wonder of human endeavour.”

About 60% of the 1.3 million visitors come by coach.