Dover Castle adds early tours exclusively for groups

Early access tours, exclusively for groups, have been introduced by English Heritage in the Secret Wartime Tunnels at Dover Castle.

Also, for the first time, groups can now enjoy private guided tours of King Henry II’s Great Tower.

‘Operation Dynamo Tunnel Tours’ visit the tunnels beneath the famous White Cliffs which housed the operations for Winston Churchill and Vice Admiral Ramsay as they oversaw the evacuation of troops from Dunkirk in 1940.

They also secretly housed 700 servicemen and women who operated telephone exchanges, monitored the progress of ships and aircraft, and operated on wounded troops.

After their tunnel tour, groups can also visit underground hospital to see where the casualties were treated.

Great Tower Tours take in King Henry II’s 12th-century palace at the heart of Dover Castle.

Now visitors can see a recreation of the king’s colourful display of wealth, as expert guides lead them through the private chambers, guest rooms, kitchen, armouries and great hall.

The special group tours can help group travel organisers who have busy itineraries as they can avoid queues at busy times.

Other highlights at Dover Castle include the Roman lighthouse, Anglo-Saxon church, battlement walks and medieval underground works.