Tourism Ireland unveils Game of Thrones tapestry

Tourism Ireland has launched its biggest Game of Thrones campaign to date, showcasing Northern Ireland to millions of the show’s fans worldwide.

The campaign features a giant Bayeux-style tapestry depicting crucial moments in the lives of the show’s characters in its most famous scenes.

New sections of the tapestry will be revealed each week in the build-up to the next episode, capturing key events from the previous week.

Tourism Ireland will share these new sections via social media – using a mix of cinemagraphs, time-lapse videos of the weaving process, carousels and Instagram Stories – to bring the creation of the tapestry to life.

Each element of the campaign will drive people to a special section on Tourism Ireland’s international website, where an interactive ‘Northern Ireland Game of Thrones Tapestry’ web app will allow fans to zoom in and explore the tapestry in full, reliving some of their favourite scenes from previous episodes.

Fans can use the app to share those scenes with their friends, via social media, and can link to pages showing where they were filmed in Northern Ireland. They can also start to build an itinerary for their holiday to Northern Ireland.