The View from the Shard launches VR experiences

The View from The Shard in London has introduced two new virtual reality experiences on its open-air Skydeck in time for summer.

For a limited time, visitors will be able to test their balance on ‘Vertigo’ or experience the thrill of ‘The Slide’ travelling at up to 100mph.

The Slide is a 360-degree virtual reality experience that swoops through the city’s skyline from heights of up to 800ft. A toboggan-style seat that moves in tandem with what the participant sees through their headset, creating the motion of the experience that allows for three degrees of movement.

In Vertigo, the building falls away leaving you suspended in the air, walking across The Shard’s early infrastructure, balancing on scaffolding and the stripped back construction of Europe’s tallest building.

The user is left on suspended girder and challenged to complete a number of tasks as instructed by the site’s foreman. The addition of a safety jacket and harness, real-world sounds and wind fans in the installation all add to the Vertigo experience at The Shard.

Chief executive of The View from The Shard Patrick Allen said, “As the tallest attraction in the UK, we are always looking for new ways to offer exciting and innovative experiences for our visitors.

“The consumer technology space has been an area we’ve been keen to explore for a while and we are excited to be working with the design companies behind the VR, Happy Finish and INITION, to introduce these two new adventures to the attraction’s visitors”