Norwegian group sees best of the north west

A troupe of 150 Norwegian boys and accompanying adults toured key attractions in north west England recently, on a special itinerary tailored by Pinpoint Britain.

The tourists are part of a boys’ brigade in Bergen called the Draeggens Buekorps – meaning bow corps or archery brigade – and their itinerary covered sport, culture and heritage attractions.

They played football matches against Crewe Junior FC and had tours of Manchester United stadium.

In Liverpool, they visited The Beatles Story (pictured) and toured Liverpool FC’s Anfield Stadium.

The city of Chester hosted the group’s traditional drum march in full uniform, with hundreds of people viewing the parade.

Iain Cottam, Pinpoint Britain director, accompanied the Draeggens Buekorps, which is the oldest boys’ brigade in Norway, with its roots tracing back to the 1850s.

He said: “This was a complex itinerary which needed attention to detail and precision for the logistics to work.

“With over 12 months of planning, and watching all our arrangements come together at last, gives a sense of pride and achievement for such a young company as ourselves.”

He said the trip to the north-west of England was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the boys to celebrate the brigade’s longevity and promote the spirit of camaraderie.