Tourism Ireland markets Game of Thrones to millions

Tourism Ireland is showcasing Northern Ireland as ‘Game of Thrones Territory’ to millions of the show’s fans across the world.

The tourism board has partnered with HBO Asia to highlight Northern Ireland’s set locations to an estimated 14 million viewers in China.

A competition has also been launched to woo British fans, who have the chance to win a three-day trip to Northern Ireland, including a Game of Thrones tour hosted by Tourism NI.

Called ‘Win a trip to Westeros’, the competition is being promoted via Facebook and Twitter, as well as email marketing to a database of almost 19,000.

The promotions complement Tourism Ireland’s global Game of Thrones tapestry campaign, which sees images from the latest series woven into a tapestry in the Ulster Museum, Belfast.

The campaign is running in 12 different markets – including Britain, the US, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, India and the UAE.

Julie Wakley, Tourism Ireland’s head of Great Britain, said: “TV and film are recognised as strong influencers on travellers everywhere and the popularity of Game of Thrones is a fantastic opportunity for us to promote Northern Ireland to a huge audience of potential GB visitors.”

James Kenny, Tourism Ireland’s China manager, added: “Our Game of Thrones promotion with HBO Asia is a fun way to get lots of people talking about Northern Ireland here in China.

“We’re reminding fans that Northern Ireland is truly ‘Game of Thrones Territory’, with so many spectacular set locations.”