UKinbound calls for views on package plans

UKinbound is urging its members to have their say in the government’s consultation about new package travel rules.

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy has published a consultation on the Package Travel Regulations (PTR) that will update UK laws to align with the 2015 EU Package Travel Directive.

The association said the proposed changes aim to provide “clearer and more comprehensive protection to holidaymakers” by updating protection to cover modern industry practices such as dynamic packaging and ‘click-through’ arrangements.

“We are supportive of providing consumers with increased clarity and protection. However, there are long-standing concerns that the legal responsibility and bonding requirements under the PTR discourages small domestic businesses in the UK from working together to provide ‘added-value’ packages for customers,” said the association.

“These are products that do not involve travel, such as paying a single price for a B&B stay including admission to a nearby attraction.

“It is suggested that added-value products should fall outside the scope of the new PTR when the UK leaves the EU.”

The Tourism Alliance is conducting a survey to determine what impact PTR is having on the domestic tourism industry and whether removing the PTR from added-value products would boost the sector.

UKinbound said the views of its members will be fed into the Tourism Alliance’s formal response to the consultation.