Take a leap of faith inside Cheddar Gorge cave

Visitors to Cheddar Gorge & Caves can book two new activities: the Black Cat Free Fall, and two Cheddar-themed escape games.

The Black Cat Free Fall inside Gough’s Cave is offered by Rocksport, which features a range of activities at the Somerset attraction, such as climbing and caving.

Described as “a thrilling free-fall experience, before being softly caught and safely lowered to the ground”, the activity is suitable for visitors from the age of eight upwards.

Participants are given the choice of making the drop face-down – watching the floor approach – or face-up – watching the roof disappear.

Described as being “more physiological than physically demanding”, the free fall requires a certain level of fitness but is not as physically demanding as adventure caving or climbing activities.

It costs £5 per person either in tandem with an Explorer Ticket for Cheddar Gorge & Caves, or one of the other caving activities.

Meanwhile, the new escape rooms offer groups the chance to test their brain power in order to escape before the clock ticks down.

The two themes are The Vault – a high security vault – and Caved In, which sees a caving expedition trapped and at risk of being stuck in the caves forever. Though the experience is set in a cave, actual caving is not involved.

The Vault is £14.95 per person; Caved In is £24.95 per person; and the Ultimate Escape – both games booked together – costs £34.95.