Michael Jackson exhibition to open in London

The National Portrait Gallery in London has announced that it will stage ‘Michael Jackson: On the Wall’ to coincide with what would have been the pop icon’s 60th birthday on August 29, 2018.

Curated by National Portrait Gallery director Nicholas Cullinan, the exhibition will explore how Michael Jackson has inspired some of the leading names in contemporary art and explore why so many of them have been drawn to him as a subject.

Almost a decade after his death, Jackson’s legacy is as strong as ever: his record sales, now in excess of one billion, continue to grow; his short films are still watched; and his enormous fan base remains loyal.

The selection embraces works by some of the most important contemporary artists working today as well as emerging artists.

Cullinan said: “Michael Jackson: On the Wall takes an entirely new and quite radical approach by exploring the cultural impact of a unique figure through contemporary art.

“All the artists included – despite coming from different generations and parts of the world, and employing a range of media – are fascinated by what Jackson represented and what he invented. It is rare that there is something new to say about someone so famous, but here that is the case.”