Irish Ferries names £128m vessel after poet

Irish Ferries has named its new 1,885-passenger ferry after Ireland’s famous 20th century poet, W. B. Yeats, following a public vote.

Almost 100,000 people entered the competition to name the vessel, which will serve Dublin-Holyhead and Ireland–France routes from next summer. It will now be known as W. B. Yeats.

The decision continues the tradition adopted by the company of selecting names drawn from the world of Irish literature.

An Irish Ferries spokesman said: “It was clear from the poll there is a widespread public affection for W. B. Yeats due in the main to the magnificence of his writing and his contribution to Irish society, theatre and the arts generally.”

When built, W. B. Yeats will have space for 1,200 cars and 440 cabins including luxury suites with their own private balconies.

Other facilities include restaurants, cinema, shopping mall, bars and lounges, exclusive areas for freight drivers, and dedicated pet facilities.