Continuum to open Star Wars virtual reality experience

Continuum Attractions has teamed with US start-up, The VOID, to open a Star Wars-themed “hyper-reality” attraction in London next month.

Called Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, the immersive virtual reality experience will be at Westfield London, Shepherd’s Bush, for 12 weeks from December 16.

Like the fictional holodecks in Star Trek, The VOID is a “whole-body” experience that combines physical sets and real-time interactive effects, with guests in VR headsets able to move around in a Star Wars setting.

Kevin Smith, group attractions director at Continuum Attractions, said: “The guest experience will blow your mind. We expect guests to visit because they love the Star Wars brand and leave having experienced something absolutely brand new.

“Forget virtual reality or even augmented reality, Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire opens up the new immersive world of hyper-reality with touch, sounds and smells.”

Continuum Attractions will operate the pop-up experience in its first location Westfield London and then move onto Westfield, Stratford City.

Sarah Marsh, chief experience officer of The VOID, added: “It has been a fast-paced design, build and development of the operation here in London, with a very short lead into the launch of tickets and opening date. Continuum Attractions was able to deliver this for us.”