Widower invites just for groups! holidaymaker on cruise

A Suffolk great-grandmother travelling with group travel specialist just for groups! booked a luxury cruise with a man she met in a pub during a lunch stop.

Vera Burrell, 90, was travelling to Bournemouth on a five-day group holiday with just for groups! when she met widower John Mason, 91, from Bishop’s Waltham, Hampshire, at the Old Vine in Winchester.

After just 45 minutes of chatting, they went over the road to Hays Travel and he booked the two of them on a luxury Mediterranean cruise with P&O Cruises.

When the coach stopped again in Winchester on the return leg five days later, she went back to Hays Travel to find more details about her travelling companion and “to make sure it wasn’t a joke”.

Two weeks later, the couple met again, this time on the ship in Southampton. There was no romance but she is considering his offer of another cruise next year.

Harold Burke, just for groups! sales director, said: “We always try to exceed our customers’ expectations but this really surpasses anything we could expect.

“Vera and fellow members of her Suffolk-based group travel with us two or three times a year, and they always have a great time…but meeting a chap who invites you on a luxury cruise really does provide the ‘I can beat that story’ after-dinner tale.

“Vera’s story has been featured in national papers such as The Daily Mail and The Times, and on the BBC too, which just shows how this story has captured people’s imaginations.”