York’s scandalous past revealed

A trail has been created by the York Pass, focusing on the colourful history of the city’s visiting Georgian aristocracy.

The prize trail, which is available free with any purchase of a York Pass, takes visitors on a circular route of York, taking in key landmarks and attractions.

It also passes some of the city’s lesser known tourism gems, which were popular among the wealthy aristocrats who treated York as their playground when visiting the growing industrial bases around the North.

As an incentive to complete the trail, York Pass will offer a monthly prize between January and April, with a chance for visitors to win hampers, locally-produced goods and a hotel stay and York Pass for a return visit.

Visitors trace the story of a fictional socialite, whose secrets are unlocked as the trail progresses mimicking the gossip of gambling debts and illicit liaisons of the era.

Elaine Moss, product manager for Visit York, said: “With a city like York, which is absolutely packed with places to go and things to see, visitors often ask for recommendations of where to start, and this trail is a superb and fun way to explore the city.

“We’ve created a storyline and a route around the city so that visitors can discover the finest attractions, architecture and culture during their visit, while trying to solve the ‘Mysterious Case of Emily Price’ – a local socialite whose fate is shrouded in scandal. Clues are hidden inside six attractions and outside famous landmarks.”

The Georgian fun trail sheet is provided free with the purchase of a York Pass online using the new website or from the Visit York Information Centre.