London attractions saw fewer admissions last summer

The number of visitors to attractions in London fell last summer, when compared to summer 2016, said London & Partners.

From July to September 2017, London’s attractions had 16.8 million admissions, down 6% year-on-year.

Although the UK continued to welcome record numbers of overseas visitors during this period, the volume of domestic visits declined – which is likely to have contributed to the overall drop in admissions.

The report found that free attractions experienced a slightly higher decline in admissions than paid attractions.

Also, two-thirds of attractions located in zone 1 recorded year-on-year declines compared with one-third of those located in zones 2-6.

Galleries and maritime attractions reported the biggest declines at 9%; entertainment attractions experienced a 6% drop; and heritage attractions saw a 2% drop.

Royal attractions and garden attractions, however, reported a 3% increase in admissions. Museums experienced the largest increase in admissions at 7%.

Overall admissions to attractions continued to decline in October 2017, with attractions reporting an overall drop of 12.9% compared to October 2016.

Pictured: ©VisitBritain/James McCormick