T. rex makes tracks to Longleat

Longleat will host an exhibition this summer about T. rex, using animatronics, casts, models and displays to tell the story of this fearsome dinosaur (May 24-September 3).

Called T. rex: the killer question, the exhibition is being held in Longleat’s events space, The Longhouse, in partnership with the Natural History Museum.

Visitors can explore the scientific debate and decide if the dinosaur was a predator or a scavenger.

Other ferocious hunters will be seen in the new Predators attraction (March 24-September 3), featuring more than a dozen animatronic animals including a polar bear, great white shark, saltwater crocodile, lion, tiger and sabre-toothed cat.

Less scary animals can been seen with Pop-up Pandas, with more than 100 hand-painted pandas on view (May 5-January 6, 2019).

Popular events returning for 2018 include the Food & Drink Festival (June 23-24) with celebrity guests; Sky Safari hot air balloon festival (September 14-15); The Great British Autumn (October 20-November 4) and Christmas illuminations during the Festival of Light (November 9-January 9, 2019).