English Heritage invests in new Hadrian’s Wall exhibition

One of the world’s most important Roman archaeological collections will go on display next month at Corbridge Roman Town on Hadrian’s Wall.

English Heritage has invested £575,000 to revitalise Corbridge Roman Town and museum, so the artefacts unearthed at the site can be seen in a new, permanent exhibition.

As well as the renowned Corbridge Hoard – one of the most remarkable finds in Roman history – visitors will be able to see new objects on display, many for the first time.

Exhibits range from a soldier’s belongings to jewellery, a perfume vessel and religious stonework.

The collection has been instrumental in developing understanding of Hadrian’s Wall and unravelling the story of life on the edges of the Roman Empire.

Over a period of almost 350 years, Roman Corbridge evolved from a military centre into a civilian community.

As well as visiting the new-look museum and exhibition, visitors can imagine life in Roman times as they walk through the remains of the high street, flanked by granaries, markets, workshops and temples.

Pictured:  Second Century perfume vase. This copper alloy and enamel perfume vase with ornate inlaid panels comes from a cremation burial at Corbridge Roman Town, and will be on display from April 27.