Pop-up Shakespearean theatre debuts in York

Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Richard III will be performed in a pop-up replica Shakespearean theatre in York this summer (June 25-September 2).

Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre will be Europe’s first pop-up Shakespearean theatre, and will form part of ‘Summer of Shakespeare’ in the city.

The 13-sided theatre will house an audience of 950, with 600 seated on three tiered balconies around an open-roofed courtyard and standing room for 350 ‘groundlings’.

Visitors can also enjoy free entry to Shakespeare’s Village which will offer local food and drink as well as ‘wagon’ entertainment with jugglers and musicians.

Yorkshire-born celebrity chef Brian Turner is creating a special street food menu and Yorkshire garden designer Sally Tierney will create an Elizabethan garden.

The original Rose Theatre was built in 1587 in London and paved the way for other theatres to be built in the area, including The Swan in 1595, The Globe Theatre in 1599 and The Fortune in 1600.

James Cundall, chief executive of Lunchbox Theatrical Productions, said: “More than 400 years ago, the first audiences for Shakespeare’s plays enjoyed an experience that was as intimate as it was exciting, crowded in close to the actors and the action.

“An experience every bit as exciting, intimate and immersive will be offered to today’s audiences in a dramatic playhouse setting beside the iconic 13th century Clifford’s Tower.

“With dramatic sword-fights, bubbling cauldrons, wayward fairies, passionate love scenes, gruesome murders, grand poetry and no shortage of fake blood, audiences will experience the comic heights and tragic depths of Shakespearean theatre in a memorable setting.”