Comment: It is time to stand up and be counted

It’s time for the industry to come together to envisage ‘a new world tourism order’, says Simon Greenbury, conference director for Future Global Opportunities for UK Tourism

What will the travel industry look like in the next five years?  What opportunities exist for development and growth?

With an industry set to be worth more than £257 billion in 2025, this estimated growth should not be taken for granted.

More than ever there is a need for the travel and tourism to come together, to collaborate, to be open and receptive to new ways of thinking and doing business – to start creating a blueprint of what a new world tourism order will look like for the industry.

This is why a major tourism conference – Future Global Opportunities for UK Tourism – is taking place at the International Business Festival in Liverpool on June 28.

The word ‘Business’ is an important one in the title of the festival.

Tourism has, in the past, been short changed by the festival, now in its third edition. For the first time, the industry has been included in a dedicated day: Sport, Culture and Travel.

Involving the travel industry as a core sector in the festival should be seen as a major achievement, particularly as it is backed by the Department for International Trade and UK Government; a government, as with past governments, that the industry has bemoaned for not giving it the attention it deserves.

So, a plea by a passionate advocate for championing UK tourism.

As the conference director of Future Global Opportunities for UK Tourism, join us in Liverpool to engage, be challenged and have our minds open new ways of thinking.

We have brought together some of the industry’s innovators and disruptors to tackle key issues impacting all sectors whether representing a country, destination, attraction or from the hospitality, airline, cruise, coach, tour operator, online, marketing, media, digital, technology, government, transport and association sectors.

Topics being discussed include  Brand Britain – perceptions v reality; brand loyalty; growth of regional airports; airline strategies; new business models and creating campaigns on limited budgets.

As an industry, we have for many years been calling for the government of the day to recognise why  tourism is so important to the UK economy and deserves a higher profile voice and influence.

If we do not support each other as an industry, then we lose a little of the right to be heard.

I look forward to welcoming and seeing you at the conference.  It is time to stand up and be counted.

The cost to attend the conference which includes admission to the festival, is £249 + VAT.

For  a full overview of the conference, agenda, speakers and to book visit

• Simon Greenbury is director of Cheeky Monkey Media and conference director for Future Global Opportunities for UK Tourism, taking place at the International Business Festival, Liverpool (June 28).