‘Get on board with millennials’

An e-tourism expert urged tourism professionals to tap into the millennial market – those aged about 20 to 35 – as they are a key sector with a huge influence on technology.

Andy Abram, director of digital agency New Mind | tellUs, was speaking at the Nottinghamshire Visitor Economy Summit on Monday (June 19), outlining key trends in the travel sector.

“Millennials are the biggest generation ever – you must get on board with them as they will represent the number-one consumer segment,” he told delegates at the Nottingham Contemporary gallery.

“They are ‘money poor but time rich’ – they tend to stay longer and spend 66% more on average. And about five out of six choose to connect with companies on social media.”

Other key travel trends he highlighted included independent and solo travel; the importance of women with booking decisions and adventure travel; online bookings; and the rise of smart devices.

He added: “Consumers are cutting back their spending on material goods in favour of spending on experiences – look at the decline of the high street.

“Virtual reality and augmented reality will also break into the mainstream, especially in tourism.”

Abram also detailed how his agency had developed a new, more responsive website for  VisitNottinghamshire, which adapts to different devices.

“About 60% of traffic to destination management organisation websites comes from mobile devices – a lot of that might well be in location, with people searching what to do when they are on holiday,” he said.

He advised delegates to look at how their websites incorporate social media, advertising and blogs to help internet users find the content they are seeking, and drive the site up the Google rankings.

“Your ‘What’s On’ page is important – people expect to see good inspirational content and ‘hero images’,” he said.

“You need good quality images – I can’t stress that enough – and you need at least 300 words of good quality, unique content. Google does not want duplicate content.”

Picture: ©VisitBritain/Simon Winnall