Museum of Memories to open at Weston’s Grand Pier

Weston-super-Mare’s MP will open the Museum of Memories next Friday (July 27), the latest attraction at resort’s Grand Pier.

Created by consumer historian Robert Opie (pictured), the attraction features thousands of everyday items, from Victorian times to the 1970s.

Visitors can see the evolution of Britain’s consumer culture, with exhibits detailing the arrival of goods such as gramophones, motor cars, radios and Mars bars.

Many visitors will be able to remember exhibits from the 50s, 60s and 70s, with brands on display such as Spangles, Fry’s 5 Centre chocolate bar, Aqua Manda, Dan Dare, Ker Plunk, Watney’s Party Seven, and themes such as the rise of youth culture, teenage fashion and pop music.

Opie said: “It’s fascinating to see how this rich tapestry of consumer history conjures up so much conversation, just from seeing such simple things as breakfast cereal boxes, crisp packs, sweet wrappers and children’s toys.

“It is amazing that these most ephemeral things trigger personnel recollections, whether for school days or a seaside holiday, a birthday party or a family treat.”

Michelle Michael, co-owner of the Grand Pier, added: “We look forward to welcoming John Penrose to formally open the Museum of Memories.

“His long-standing links to the resort, as well as his work as tourism minister during a period which included the London Olympics and Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, make him the ideal VIP to open the Museum of Memories.”

Opie is also the man behind the The Museum of Advertising & Packaging in Gloucester which closed in 2001 to make way for the redevelopment of the docks – and the Museum of Brands, which opened in London’s Notting Hill in 2005.