UKinbound says Brexit still denting confidence

UKinbound’s latest Business Barometer results show that Brexit uncertainty is dampening confidence in the inbound trade.

The regular survey of members, carried out with Qa Research, is based on members’ feedback about business performance in May and June 2018.

Almost three quarters (72%) said bookings/visitor numbers/customer orders were the same or higher, compared to the same period last year.

For those that were higher, orders had increased by an average of 27%. Also, 82% had seen yield stay roughly the same or increase compared to 2017 figures.

Business confidence regarding the forthcoming 12 months remained low at 47%, slightly up on March/April figures.

However, confidence has steadily declined since September/October 2017, when it stood at 60%.

Deirdre Wells, UKinbound chief executive, said: “It’s unfortunate but not surprising that confidence in our industry remains low. The implications of Brexit and resulting uncertainty continues to cause challenges for our members.

“It is positive, however, to see that yield, alongside bookings/visitor numbers/customer orders, is holding and growing, but the industry needs answers from government about the UK’s relationship with the EU post Brexit in order to safeguard the long-term growth and success of the UK’s inbound tourism industry.”