Tourism Ireland highlights Ireland’s Christian heritage

Tourism Ireland has released a new video which explores Ireland’s Christian heritage, ahead of the visit of Pope Francis.

The Pope will visit Ireland at the weekend (August 25-26) for the first time, for the World Meeting of Families event.

Tourism Ireland’s latest video highlights landmarks, pilgrim trails and the footsteps of Ireland’s patron, St Patrick.

It urges visitors to see St Kevin’s 6th-century monastic settlement at Glendalough; the Book of Kells; and the trail of St Patrick through Armagh and Down; and Skellig Michael (pictured) and Rock of Cashel.

The film is being promoted through Tourism Ireland’s social platforms, including Facebook – where the tourist board has more than 4.26 million followers – and Twitter, with 498,000 followers.

Tourism Ireland said: “This week’s visit by Pope Francis is another unique opportunity to convince potential holidaymakers everywhere to visit Ireland.

“A large media contingent will travel here to cover the visit, bringing the story to millions of people around the world.

“Tourism Ireland is taking every opportunity to leverage the tourism benefits of the visit.”

Tourism Ireland’s promotional activity also includes a digital and social media campaign in Italy.

Home page image of Skellig Michael: Failte Ireland.