Comedian teams with Warner for massage message

Warner Leisure Hotels has launched a spa treatment called the ‘Great British Massage’, to ease the strain of being a Brit.

The Bourne Leisure brand has recruited comedian and social commentator Jenny Éclair to promote the treatment which will be available at Warner Leisure Hotels’ flagship hotel and spa Thoresby Hall in Nottinghamshire.

The brand caters for the over-50s market and conducted research among older travellers to discover that 83% of them identify with the “typical traits of being British”.

It said these included a stiff upper lip, hiding our true emotions, over-apologising, and queuing.

Almost two thirds of those aged over 50 (61%) admit the stress caused by being British leaves them with physical aches and pains, particularly tense shoulders, a sore neck and aching back.

The new massage is formulated to “bend out the kinks caused by our everyday annoyances”.

Famed for her wit and the Grumpy Old Woman tour, Éclair said: “It’s a tough old gig being British.

“All that bottled-up stress that comes from our incredible inability to say what we’re really thinking can be a massive pain in the neck – quite literally.”

The 25-minute massage is £37 per person.