Crowd-funded facelift for Ironbridge’s iconic museum

The Museum of The Gorge – one of the 10 Ironbridge Gorge Museums in Shropshire – has re-opened its doors following a major refurbishment.

The works were carried out thanks to 168 people from across the country who donated money, raising more than £25,000 through the Art Fund’s crowd-funding platform, Art Happens.

The Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust has been able to redisplay the collections in new cases, upgrade the lighting and replace all of the interpretation panels.

New cases house examples of tiles, ceramics and cast-iron objects that were made in the gorge and interactive displays give younger visitors a chance to play and learn.

The 40-foot model of the Ironbridge gorge remains at the centre of the museum’s displays and illustrates life in the valley in 1796.

Upgraded audio-visual equipment will allow the museum to develop a varied programme of screenings, from historic Pathé footage to community film events.