Visit Jersey launches innovative marketing campaign

Escape to Jersey, a new interactive campaign allowing travellers to “try before they fly”, has been launched by Visit Jersey.

A series of first-person videos has been shot to encapsulate a variety of different Jersey experiences. This allows would-be travellers to choose how they would want their Jersey holiday to be – how energetic, how expensive, what kind of food etc. – and then actually see how that particular type of holiday would look.

These video shorts aim to evoke a physiological reaction from the viewer by appealing to the senses and give an honest taste of a potential break to Jersey without leaving the comfort of the sofa.

A team of local videographers spent three weeks touring the length and breadth of the island to capture the essence of Jersey in a series of video vines.

From the breath-taking beaches at St Ouen, to the dramatic views from Mont Orgueil Castle, the whole Jersey experience has been captured.

Visit Jersey will also be continually adding further footage of the island throughout 2015.

Adam Caerlewy-Smith, head of marketing from Visit Jersey commented: “The travel and tourism industry is undergoing a huge revolutionary change in the way it seeks to engage new visitors and to continue to appeal to existing ones.

“We wanted to challenge people’s perceptions of Jersey and capture rich data which can shape future marketing initiatives.

“The Escape to Jersey campaign puts a little slice of island life in the palms of potential visitors and shows them what escaping to Jersey really feels like.”

Once visitors to the website have watched their personal videos, they will be entered into a competition for the opportunity to win their Escape to Jersey.