Safety fears affect Brits’ holiday planning

More Brits are likely to take a short UK break this year – and more are considering personal safety issues when planning their travels, according to research.

A poll of more than 1,000 UK residents found that 73% will have a short ‘staycation’ this year, up from 71% in 2015.

However, only a quarter (24%) plan to have a longer break of more than four nights in the UK, according to the findings from research consultancy BDRC Continental.

The study found that Brits are increasingly concerned about personal safety overseas, and more than three quarters (77%) of Britons see safety as an issue in holiday planning.

The results “point towards a volatile world situation creating a ‘safety-first’ British holiday-maker”, said the report authors.

Jon Young, research director at BDRC Continental, said: “It’s no surprise the issue of safety has taken on such prominence given the tragic world events in the last 12 months or so.”

The study also revealed that nearly half of respondents (46%) trust online reviews to be accurate and a similar proportion (48%) take more notice of reviews than star ratings. 

Young added: “At times of uncertainty the most influential sources are those we trust. 

“In addition, when feeling fearful, we will default to easy, trusted options.

“Complicated choices will create uncertainty and add to underlying worries.

“So holiday providers should make the decision as simple as possible for holidaymakers.

“Travel agents, tour operators and tourist boards have a clear role to play here.”

The Scottish Highlands, Cornwall, the Lake District and London are the four most popular UK destinations.