Tour to explore history of witchery in Scotland

The Real Mary King’s Close is launching a new tour experience for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

‘Condemned’ will take tourists through the story of Edinburgh’s tumultuous witch-hunting past, telling the stories of the major characters of the period.

Visitors will learn about a time of fear and suspicion, when herbal medicinal therapies were considered to be witchcraft and appearing out of the ordinary was considered a crime.

The tour will explore how the fears of royalty became ingrained in the masses as James VI propagated his fear of witches and witch trials become a part of everyday life.

Tour creator Keith Baxter said: “Condemned offers an insight into the deep-rooted fear of the unknown; where it originated and how it came to infiltrate everyday life.

“For the people of Mary King’s Close and Edinburgh in the 16th and 17th centuries, witchcraft was real and a force to be reckoned with.”

Condemned will run Wednesday to Sunday at 10:30pm from August 5-28. Advance booking is recommended.