Nip to north Norfolk for ‘simple pleasures’

Visit North Norfolk has created a series of films and guides as part of their ‘Nip to North Norfolk’ campaign, designed to instruct children and adults in the joys of outdoor pursuits.

Research announced recently by Visit North Norfolk revealed that 48% of adults and children surveyed didn’t know how to use a compass; 21% had never flown a kite; 22% had never climbed a tree; and 18% did not know how to spot clouds.

Parents cited lack of knowledge, money and scarcity of equipment as the main obstacles preventing them from trying outdoor activities.

The six films focus on how to build a sandcastle, how to catch a crab, how to moor a boat, how to beachcomb, how to spot clouds (and naming clouds) and how to use a compass.

Accompanying the films are ‘how to’ downloadable written guides providing step-by-step instructions, hints and tips.

Kayla Dunne, brand manager from Visit North Norfolk, said: “We were quite surprised that our research highlighted so many people do not know these traditional skills or how to enjoy these outdoor pastimes.

“Activities such as beachcombing or finding your way using a compass are enjoyed by all ages and are a great way to enjoy the north Norfolk coast and the countryside.”

Former Blue Peter presenter Janet Ellis, who is supporting the Nip to North Norfolk campaign, said, “It is a shame that these traditional pastimes seem to be diminishing. I certainly remember doing these with my children and enjoy building sandcastles and spotting clouds with my grandchildren.

“I love north Norfolk and go as often as I can – and doing these kinds of activities are all about enjoying the simple pleasures in life.”