Ghostbusters to grapple with ghouls at Blists Hill

The ‘Stay Puft’ Marshmallow Man and the classic car from the Ghostbusters movies will join the Blists Hill Victorian Town’s annual Halloween fright night.

The Marshmallow Man – a 31ft high inflatable paranormal monster – will be looming over the darkened streets along with the iconic Ghostbusters Miller Meteor Cadillac car, which will be playing the films’ famous soundtracks from its sound-system.

Visitors can meet two Ghostbusters characters complete with boiler suits and Proton Back Packs, which they plan to use to suck up the town’s many ghosts.

The attraction’s Ghostly Gaslight evening takes place on October 29, when the streets, shops and houses will be transformed into eerie places filled with ghosts, ghouls and monsters – and visitors are encouraged to come in fancy dress.

Another highlight of the night will be a firework show in front of the old Brick and Tile Works, along with pyrotechnic displays around the town.

Blists Hill is one of the 10 museum attractions at Ironbridge, and recreates life in the Victorian era.