AGTO to hold AGM during Excursions 2017

The Association of Group Travel Organisers (AGTO) will hold its annual general meeting at the Excursions trade show at Alexandra Palace, London (January 28).

The AGM will be staged in a large AGTO area, which only members can access.

However, the AGTO area will be open to all visitors to the show for the rest of the day and the association, together with Tourism South East (TSE), is arranging presentations of interest to group organisers.

Mike Bugsgang, AGTO chief executive, said: “This is something of a departure from our usual AGM event as in the recent past we have held the meeting over a weekend.

“But following feedback from our members, the majority of whom attend the Excursions show and take advantage of the special travel arrangements, we believe this is the best option.

“We are excited about this move and especially grateful to ‘made tourism marketing’ for their sponsorship of the AGTO area at Excursions 2017.

“We are working closely with ‘made’ and TSE on the content of the presentations and more details will be announced in due course.”

Nigel Smith, Tourism South East chief executive, added: “We are delighted that AGTO has decided to hold its AGM at Excursions and feel sure that this will encourage more of its members to travel to the show and as a result, boost visitor numbers.”